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How to Choose the Right Property Manager in Atlanta

Updated: Apr 19

Being a landlord or a property owner takes a lot of dedicated time to ensure the rental property business is up and running. Sometimes, landlords and property owners need more time on their hands simply because they have other jobs, and the rental property is just a side job that provides them with a steady passive income every month. Or, they can't run the business since they don't have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to ensure smooth and streamlined business functionality. As a solution to these challenges comes the rental property manager, whose job is to take over running the rental property and ensure that the property owners have a successful rental business. 

Atlanta currently has over 3500 available rental housing units, and the median rent is $2100. The prices range from $450 to $39,000 while the market temperature is warm. That means there is a significant demand for rentals, an increasing trend in Atlanta. To ensure your rental property stands out and attracts quality tenants, the property manager will stay on top of the hottest information about the rental real estate market and keep up with it by setting competitive prices and optimally maintaining the property. 

This means that having a rental property manager for the Atlanta area is crucial for the success of the rental property business. So, choosing the right one is also as important. Here are some tips on how you, as a property owner or landlord in Atlanta, can choose the best Atlanta property manager. 

Do Research and Make Connections

You should first research the best property management companies in Atlanta and ask for referrals for excellent property managers. Customer referrals are a good sign that the property manager can do their job well and satisfy the tenants. So, look for an Atlanta property manager loved by the tenants and talk with them. Ask why they would recommend that manager and ask whether there is a situation where this property manager has gone the extra mile to help them in their search for houses for rent Atlanta - wide. It is always good to see how a property manager cares for the tenants and the properties while ensuring everything is run professionally. 

Do Background Checks

Of course, more than referrals or testimonials are needed to make your decision to hire an Atlanta property manager. You need a background check on their expertise, knowledge, and experience. Check whether they are licensed and certified. They must be approved if you want them to take over everything in managing your rental property, including legal matters like signing leases and making contracts. You can ask the Atlanta property management company where they work what kind of licenses or certifications their property managers hold, and they must give you an answer transparently. You can choose who you want to work with based on the answers.    

Research the Atlanta Property Management Company's Policies

Even if you want to work with the best property management companies, you still need to understand their policies and see how they will affect your business. They may be charging much more than you expect, and you won't be able to hire them. On the other hand, there might be issues related to the interaction between the property manager and the property owner or landlord regarding how much control they will be taking over. To make a successful deal out of this, first, you must be clear about whether you want to be hands-free or highly involved during the process. 

Once you have defined the nature of your mutual interaction, you can continue asking questions about the company, how they advertise their clients' rental properties, and how effective they are in finding and screening quality tenants. Ask about the timeframe in which they find tenants and close a deal by signing the lease and whether they make any guarantees regarding their work. 

Scan the Management Agreement

Don't just skim through the agreement you must sign with the Atlanta property management company. Please read it carefully so you know everything you have discussed is included. All the help you need with running the rental businesses is addressed. Even if you are hiring the best property management companies in Atlanta, you must ensure all the paperwork is aligned with the discussion. Carter Mark Realty Group is one of the property management companies in Atlanta that enables its clients to ask and discuss anything in the paperwork until it is adequately clear for both parties to ensure the collaboration is started based on transparency.  


In short, having a property manager is crucial for landlords in Atlanta's rental market, with over 3500 housing units available and a median rent of $2100. To find the right manager, landlords must do their homework: ask for referrals, check backgrounds, and understand management policies. As seen with companies like Carter Mark Realty Group, clear communication is vital to ensure a successful partnership. Good management boosts profits and keeps landlords and tenants happy in Atlanta's ever-changing rental scene.


What are the average rental prices in Atlanta, and how can a property manager help optimize them?

Atlanta's median rent is $2100, ranging from $450 to $39,000. Property managers adjust prices based on market trends, ensuring landlords maximize profits.

What tasks does a property manager handle in Atlanta?

In Atlanta, property managers market rentals, screen tenants, manage maintenance, handle leases, and ensure legal compliance for landlords.

How can I find a reliable property manager in Atlanta?

Ask for recommendations from local real estate agents or other landlords to find a trustworthy property manager in Atlanta. Additionally, conduct online research, read reviews, and interview potential candidates to ensure they have the expertise and professionalism to manage your property effectively.

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