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Property Management and Real Estate in
Duluth, GA

Get in-depth insights from experienced real estate professionals

How We'll Help With Our Comprehensive Real Estate Solutions

CMRG is a full-service property management & sales brokerage that handles all your real estate needs. Having successfully bought, owned, managed, and sold properties, our team is well-versed in the industry. Our experience has given us in-depth knowledge about the benefits and challenges of property management & sales. This has positioned us to provide clients with expert insight on various property-related topics such as maintenance, renovations, showings, negotiations, and tax benefits. Trust us to manage your property as though it were our own.

Guarantees for Property Owners

Rent Deposit Guarantee

Ensuring the prompt distribution of your rent is a critical part of your real estate journey. And we've got you covered! At CMRG, we guarantee your funds will be transferred to your bank account by the 15th day of every month.

Management Fee Guarantee

It's time for you to enjoy to experience getting superior property management services. Our team always aims to ensure your rental generates an income. When you work with CMRG, you'll only be charged when rent is collected.

Leasing Fee Guarantee

Despite our comprehensive screening process, tenants' circumstances can change. But never fear! If a tenant breaks their lease, you won't have to pay a leasing fee until we find you another qualified renter. Our team handles it all at no cost to you and with no penalties.

Legal Compliance Guarantee

No need to worry about the legal complexities of owning a property. Our leasing agreement is created by the Georgia Association of Realtors. It is compliant with all housing and tenant-landlord laws.

Tenant Placement Guarantee

With CMRG, you'll never have to pay two full leasing fees. If a tenant breaks their lease before the 6-month mark, we'll quickly find a qualified replacement renter for just 25% of the leasing fee.

Pet Damage Guarantee

Keeping your property safe is our priority. Our team thoroughly screens pets to mitigate the risk of damage to your rental. We also collect a $300 fee per pet to cover any damages that may occur. 

What Sets Carter Mark Realty Group
Apart From the Competition?


Expert Guidance

It's no secret that managing a property can be overwhelming. But never fear! Our property management professionals are well-versed in the local market. We specialize in owning, managing, and renovating property all over metro Atlanta.

With over half a century of collective experience, the CMRG team can help you successfully navigate your real estate journey. So you can make informed decisions for your property.


Seamless Business Operations

Struggling to keep up with paperwork and emails? Streamlining your operations is essential to helping your property run at its best.


CMRG leverages the power of Buildium to automate processes like maintenance requests. Not only does this streamline your operations but it saves you a significant amount of time and money. When you work with us, Buildium can be a game-changer to free up your time. So you can focus on other things that matter to you. 



Effective Communication

At CMRG, we believe that communication is the key to helping you achieve real estate success. That's why our team prioritizes regular communication with clients. While always being available to promptly answer their questions and concerns. By keeping them in the loop, clients have the assurance their properties are in good hands. 


When a client trusts us to take care of their property, we take that job seriously. That's why our team cultivates healthy, professional relationships with each client. Resulting in a relationship that's built on trust, transparency, and integrity. 

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What Are the Benefits of Working With the Carter Mark Realty Group Properties Team?


As local rental market experts, we can get your property rented for top dollar. This way, you're certain that you aren't leaving money on the table.


Our efficient systems and processes make tasks such as, rent collection and repairs hassle-free. This ensures you maintain financial consistency.

Peace of Mind

Trying to manage your rental property yourself can be frustrating and in some cases, risky. With Carter Mark Realty Group managing your property, you can relax and enjoy life.

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More About Carter Mark Realty Group and Our Property Approach


Carter Mark Realty Group is a full-service Professional Property Management & Real Estate Sales Firm. The principals, Mark Bullock and Lance Carter, are seasoned real estate professionals with years of experience in all sectors of the real estate industry. Both are Atlanta area natives and grew up here locally with the ever-changing real estate market. They understand that all properties must be managed in the most efficient way possible to make a profit, which is their main objective for their clients.  They can handle your property efficiently and mindfully through every step of the rental or sales process. They treat every client and property as if they were in ownership of that property.

 CMRG currently manages and sells a wide variety of properties, including single family homes, duplexes, quadraplexes, townhouses, condos, and apartments. Over the years they have managed and sold bank REO portfolios and commercial properties as well. They represent many types of investors and homeowners from all over the nation and believe that each of their clients will give a very good report on their management style and operation.  They would be glad to provide you with references upon request. 

 CMRG pledges to you their best efforts and believes that you will be pleased with the results. If property ownership without the hassles of leasing, rent collection, complaints, legal issues, and maintenance calls interest you, please reach out today.  They would be pleased to set a time to meet with you to discuss your property or portfolio or discuss over the phone. 

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